Yarishna Ayala takes a selfie

Fitness model Yarishna Ayala wowed her 2.2 million Instagram followers with her latest video post. The update, which was posted on Monday, October 19, saw the celebrity in two different bathing suits as she asked her fans which hairstyle they liked. However, for many, it wasn’t about the hair but the model’s revealing outfits.

Yarishna shared a composite image in which she wore two different outfits. The first image showed the muscular fitness fanatic in a hot pink string bikini. The straps of the triangular cups did up around her neck in a halter style. Plunging down low in the front, plenty of her ample cleavage was on display, as was a little underboob. The matching briefs sat high over her hips and her chiseled abs and thighs were highlighted as a result of this.

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