Doina Barbaneagra takes a selfie

Doina Barbaneagra raised temperatures on Wednesday, October 28, when she teased her 810,000 Instagram followers in her latest flirty update. In the brand new share, the Moldovan influencer showcased her bodacious curves in a skimpy lace lingerie set that flaunted her insane figure and killer assets.

Doina was snapped in several places in her house. In the first picture, she was sitting on the couch with her thighs closed. She leaned on the backrest as she raised one hand to her head, while her other hand rested on the flat surface. She looked straight into the camera with a sultry expression on her face.

In the second snap, the babe posed against a white wall. She popped her left hip to the side as she crossed her thighs. She touched her cheek with her left hand as she tilted her head and gazed into the lens.


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