Halle Berry poses on the red carpet.

Halle Berry is putting on a show for her Instagram followers — and anyone who happened to be opposite the window of the high-rise where her latest revealing video was taken.

The 54-year-old actress took to the social media site to share a video that showed her standing on a couch in front of a wall-length window in a high-rise building, swaying from side to side as the light coming in from outside turned her dress see-through. The video, which was taken using an artistic filter that blurred out Berry’s features and left her looking hazy, showed off her well-toned physique.

The post was a big hit with Berry’s 6.6 million followers, racking up more than 18,000 likes and earning plenty of supportive comments from her fans. Many had some high praise for her dance moves, and wondered if those looking into the large window got to see them.

“Nice show for the people in the other building,” one person wrote.

“Shine bright sis!!!!” another commented.

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