‘The Challenge’ Star Dee Nguyen Returns To Social Media Four Months After MTV Firing

Dee Nguyen in a MTV promo shot for The Challenge

Dee Nguyen took a four-month break from social media after she was fired from MTV earlier this year. The former reality television star appeared on three seasons of The Challenge and was abruptly terminated after she tweeted inappropriate comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

After she was let go and co-stars began chiming in on the situation, Dee went radio silent on Instagram and Twitter. She only made a public apology on her Instagram story, and also gave an official statement to Us Weekly. Now she’s back and is promising her followers that something good is in the works.

In the new post, which can be seen here, Dee laid out in a green swimsuit showing off some serious skin and multiple tattoos. She wore gold-framed sunglasses and wore a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap. She smiled softly in the selfie while holding one hand behind her head.

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