Mobile phone driving penalties must be toughened to ‘hit drivers where it hurts’

MOBILE phone driving offenders should face tougher penalties and even lose their licence to "eradicate" the road safety risks, according to a top motoring lawyer. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

Petrol and diesel charges are ‘cash-grabbing tactics’ putting ‘draconian’ rules on drivers

PETROL and diesel drivers could face daily charges in many UK cities from as early as next year as clean air zones are set to sweep the nation. Daily Express...

Warming up the car could invalidate insurance – cold weather warning all drivers must...

WINTER mornings are fast approaching as dozens of road users now find themselves waking up in the cold dark ahead of their morning commutes. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

One driver saved £350 on their car insurance costs after installing simple device

ONE UK driver has saved £350 on his car insurance premium costs by simply installing a new tool to his vehicle. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

UK’s most dangerous city to drive in named as road users urged to be...

ROAD casualty data from the Department for Transport has named the cities which are the UK's most dangerous areas to drive. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

Car firms may be forced to sell more electric cars – new targets could...

CAR MANUFACTURERS could be forced to sell a certain number of electric cars every year in a desperate bid to boost sales with the new technology. Daily Express :: Cars...

Car insurance policies could be invalidated for breaking little known winter driving rule

DRIVERS could be fined up to £100 for breaking this little known driving rule and wrapping up in several layers while behind the wheel this winter. Daily Express :: Cars...

Millions admit to driving their car illegally due to damaged vehicle headlights

MILLIONS of cars are being driven illegally on UK roads due to suffering from defective headlights, according to Halfords. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

Police confirm ‘regular checks’ for speeding will be conducted on popular commuting route

POLICE officers have confirmed they will be "conducting regular checks" on a popular Birmingham through road after an increase in collisions. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

New DVLA overpayment text message sent to road users ‘is a scam’ and should...

DVLA chiefs have confirmed that a new text message claiming drivers have overpaid for services is a scam. Daily Express :: Cars Feed

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