Cambodians Reportedly Use ‘Magic Scarecrows’ To Ward Off Coronavirus Pandemic

Land girl Elizabeth Harding (aged 89) admires a scarecrow as she takes a walk around the Dig for Victory: War on Waste allotment at Saint James' Park on July 23, 2008 in London, England.

Cambodian villagers are using “magic scarecrows” to fend off the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reported. According to the publication, the practice is more than a century old and has been historically used by some villages in the country to ward off disease and evil spirits.

Reuters spoke to 64-year-old Ek Chan, who uses two scarecrows — one female and one male — at the gate of her home in Kandal province. The scarecrows are made of bamboo, rice hay, or wooden sticks and dressed in old clothes. The figures, known by locals as “Ting Mong,” have reportedly given Ek Chan peace of mind amid the pandemic.

“Since I made these Ting Mongs, they helped to scare away any virus including the coronavirus and stop it spreading to my family,” she said.

“I myself really believe in the magic of the scarecrows and I don’t worry about catching the virus at all.”

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