Constance Nunes Goes Braless Under Open Vest While Sporting Sexy Shorts

Constance Nunes poses for a sexy selfie.

Television personality Constance Nunes took to Instagram to flaunt her smoking-hot body in a sexy outfit that put her fantastic figure on display. The brunette beauty went braless under a minuscule vest while wearing a pair of sexy shorts.

Constance’s outfit was made of black leather. The vest featured silver details and vertical seams on each side. The opening of the flirty number barely covered her nipples, leaving plenty of her voluptuous cleavage on display. Her shorts were insanely short and featured a huge zipper down the center front that went between her legs. They also had zippered pockets on each side and two snaps on the front.

The The Car Masters: From Rust to Riches star wore her thick hair in waves that skimmed the tops of hr shoulders. She also sported a pale polish on her long fingernails.

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