Ignoring rape allegations, Loudon School Board attacks parents, arrest parent of victim

In an all too familiar twist, the people charged with protecting vulnerable students in our high schools from sexual predators didn’t do their jobs and a parent was arrested for protesting the school board’s incompetence in handling the matter.


Scott Smith, the parent of a student allegedly raped at Stone Bridge High School in Loudoun County, VA, was arrested when he protested the response of the school and the school board to the incident.


As a classic example of government overreach, the arrest led to Smith being mentioned in a communication by the National School Boards Association. The letter singled out Smith and pointed to a broader trend of angry parents protesting controversial policies and actions at school board meetings. This prompted Attorney General Merrick Garland to suggest the FBI could deal with parental protesters, labeling them “domestic terrorists”.


Records cited by The Daily Wire suggest that a School Resource Office (SRO), employed by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, did not act with urgency to a reported rape at Stone Bridge High School in late May of this year.  Moreover, when the parent of the reported victim, Scott Smith, went to complain about the lack of proper police protocols being applied to the situation, Mr. Smith became “upset”.


Quoting The Daily Wire:


The SRO then “investigated” for nearly an hour without calling for outside police officers.


At 2:21, 2:28, and 2:30, three calls for police are finally placed — one requesting a supervisor, one requesting “another unit,” and one noted as “upset parent.” Given that these calls came in a nine-minute window well after officials first learned of the rape, it seems likely that the impetus for all three was the “upset parent.”


Some two hours afterward, school principal Jim Flynn sent a misleading email to the “community”, saying that there was an “incident” at the school and that there was no threat to the safety of the student body. There was no mention of the rape of use of the word in any official communication from the school.


School Board superintendent Scott Zeigler, told the school board in an open meeting on June 22 board meeting that he had no record of sexual assaults in bathrooms. Parent Smith then protested the sandbagging by the superintendent and was arrested shortly thereafter.


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