Rachael Ostovich Shows Off Insane Cleavage As She Rocks Skintight Workout Gear

UFC fighter Rachael Ostovich poses as she snaps a mirror selfie for her Instagram followers.

Rachael Ostovich showed off her insane cleavage while expressing her excitement for her upcoming fight with her 714,000 Instagram followers. In her latest November 9 update, she shared a short, light-hearted boomerang-style video.

The UFC fighter rocked a pair of high-waisted leggings. The cheetah-printed pants hugged her sculpted legs and showed off the upper half of her toned midsection. She also rocked a black sports bra. The garment featured a deep U-neck, allowing her to show off her cleavage and the muscle definition in her arms. The bra featured two thin straps that fit securely over her shoulders. Rachael also sported a pair of UFC fighting gloves for the short film.

The 29-year-old wore her extremely long hair in two braids that extended all the way down to her hips. She parted her hair in the middle of her scalp as the braids were fashioned behind her ears.

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