Yaslen Clemente Shows Off Killer Curves In Denim Booty Shorts And Plunging Top

Yaslen Clemente snaps a selfie.

Social media influencer Yaslen Clemente updated her Instagram account on Wednesday, November 11 with a stunning new image of herself, which left plenty of social media users breathless.

The 23-year-old fitness trainer was photographed seemingly in a park, as the sky, palm trees, and benches filled the background behind her. Yaslen was centered in the frame, standing out most as she struck a sexy pose.

The model sat up straight on a wooden bench with her body facing the camera and her legs parted. She leaned back into her right arm while her left hand grabbed on her bottoms. She stuck her chest out and pouted, emanating a sexy vibe. She also directed her strong glance towards the camera’s lens.

Her mid-length, ash blond locks, which featured dark roots, fell around her shoulders in natural-looking curls. Her perfectly manicured nails were painted with a vibrant white polish that stood out against her tanned skin.

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