America Could Be Headed For ‘Surge Upon Surge Upon Surge’ Of Coronavirus Through The Holidays, Doctor Warns

People taking a COVID-19 test.

The United States could be headed for an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases that lasts through the holiday season, a public health expert is warning.

There were more than 205,000 new COVID-19 cases reported and 1,400 patients who died on Friday, CBS News noted, with indications that the numbers will only continue to rise. The report noted that there were increases in daily infections in more than 30 states before Thanksgiving, a time when many families were expected to come together despite recommendations from public health experts to avoid such gatherings. Those conditions could have more dire implications for the future, many warn.

Meeta Shah of the Rush University Medical Center said the lack of social distancing means that the numbers could only continue to increase in the coming weeks, with no break through the start of 2021.

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