Danica Patrick Shows Off New Body In Bikini

Former NASCAR racer Danica Patrick is past the days of seeking validation through her body as she removed her infamous breast implants last month. The businesswoman now promotes self-love and body acceptance while explaining the hazards of body enhancement surgeries. Following the surprising body change, Patrick traveled with her best friends to celebrate her 40th birthday and detoured to Canada to bury her grandmother alongside her big family.

Prioritizing Her Health Over Vanity

Patrick stepped out in an aqua blue bikini with a v-neckline and low-cut top worn over complimentary low-waist bottoms. She packed her dark hair into a bun and wore dark sunglasses as she made her way to the pool. Patrick's outfit choice showed off her smaller breasts, toned abs, and thighs, proving she didn't care about looking "feminine" anymore.

Her former need to look like the stereotypical sexy woman with curvy features went down the drain when she realized it did more harm than good. She then spread awareness via her Instagram by sharing her surgery journey with 852,000-plus people.

A Tribute To The Great Matriarch

Patrick and her family celebrated the life of their matriarch as they laid her to rest this week. Her entire family (including extended members) attended the burial to the pleasure of the athlete, and she said her grandmother would've loved it. She wrote a lengthy tribute thanking them for sticking together. Patrick wrote,

"Grandma would of loved to have everyone together like this! Who knows, maybe she would of taken part in the kickball game too! Maybe that’s why she sent a rainbow after the game."Yes To Road Trips Without The Noise

Patrick joked about loving the spirit of the celebration but not the loudness that comes from having a bunch of kids around on a road trip. She said her grandmother had five children who had other children, including her and those grandchildren had great-grandchildren. She loved the trip but not the movie.

Patrick is all about family, as proven in her Father's Day tribute where she praised her parents and mentioned that she got good traits from her dad.

Diversifying Her Interest

Among the inherited qualities from her father were "drive, passion, honesty, humor, dreamer, aggressive, but an actual softie…. oh, and that driving thing!" Following her retirement from NASCAR driving, Patrick dabbled into other ventures, from hosting a podcast to creating her own wine brand, Danica Rose Wine.

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