Donald Trump Watched Television Coverage In Enjoyment As Rioters Invaded U.S. Capitol, Report Claims

Donald Trump speaks to supporters.

Donald Trump watched in enjoyment as crowds of his supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol while Congress was tallying the Electoral College votes and formalizing Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, a new report claims.

The president has come under fire after the attack rocked the nation and shocked the world, leading to condemnation from leaders across the globe and many pointing fingers at Trump for his own behavior. Before the crowd of rioters broke into the building, rushing past police officers in an attack that left one woman shot to death and at least three others dead, Trump spoke to the large group of his supporters that had gathered for a rally supporting his unfounded claims of election fraud. In speaking to the crowd, Trump urged them to march to the Capitol, saying he would be there with them but instead retreating to the White House.

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