Gabby Epstein Teases Cleavage And Licks Her Lips, Asks Fans If They’re Up To Play A Game

Instagram model Gabby Epstein attends the HiSmile Tooth Whitening Party in 2018.

Australian Instagram model Gabby Epstein took to her social media page on Saturday with a tantalizing snap that delighted her 2.3 million followers.

Gabby sported a skintight two-piece workout set that displayed her impressive physique as she seductively parted her lips, licking one with the tip of her tongue. She also slung a tennis racket over her shoulder and flirtatiously inquired in the caption if any supporters were up for a match.

The post proved popular with her followers, as over 24,000 of them hit the like button in just a few hours.

Her outfit featured a cropped tank top and bicycle shorts in shades of pastel pink and lavender with a color-blocked design. The skimpy shirt had adjustable spaghetti straps and a low-scooped neckline that allowed a tempting amount of Gabby’s rounded bust to peek out above the rosy hem.

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