‘General Hospital’ Splits Up Sam & Jason, & Fans Have Plenty To Say About It

Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton star together on 'General Hospital'

This past week on General Hospital, Jason and Sam ended their relationship. Chances seem pretty good that they will make their way back to one another eventually, but in the meantime, viewers had plenty to say about this development via social media.

Just a few months ago, Sam was willing to go to great lengths to be with Jason. It was forbidden by her parole officer for them to be together, but she was not taking no for an answer. Eventually, she gave Valentin the proxy for the ELQ votes held by Danny and Scout in exchange for getting a less rigid parole officer.

After that, the couple was free to be together. However, his being targeted in the Floating Rib explosion that could have killed Danny was a wake-up call for her. She decided that for the safety of the kids, she couldn’t be with Jason any longer.

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