Jade Grobler Sizzles By The Pool While Rocking A Sexy Cut-Out Black Bikini

Jade Grobler takes a selfie

Jade Grobler wowed her fans on Thursday, December 17, with a sexy new Instagram update. The South African influencer rocked a skimpy black bikini that showcased her killer body while posing poolside.

In the new post, Jade was on the edge of the swimming pool, dressed in her dark-colored swimwear. The background revealed a stunning view of nature. Avid fans of the model know that she has been enjoying the warm weather since the Summer season started in Australia. She spent most of her days at the beach or poolside, as seen in many of her posts. In the latest update, she was at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

In the first snap, Jade stood with one leg forward as she held onto a glass panel with her left hand. She slightly hunched forward as she faced the camera and offered a smile. The sunlight may not be as bright, but it still made her flawless skin glow.

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