Janet Jackson, 54, Reveals Midriff & Tugs At Pants During Sexy Video, Fans Hope It’s Related To New Album

Janet Jackson attends the "Made For Now" release party at Samsung 837 in New York City.

Janet Jackson took to Instagram to update fans with a new video clip of herself. The living legend has been called a sex icon over the years and has been considered the blueprint for a number of entertainers of today. Jackson’s loyal fanbase is intensely waiting for a new studio album and is hoping her most recent post is a hint that something is on its way.

The “What Have You Done for Me Lately” hitmaker stunned in an oversized fluffy jacket that fell down past her knees. The item of clothing appeared to be oversized and perfect for cold weather. Underneath, Jackson was seemingly wearing a crop top of the same color that showcased her stomach. She teamed the outfit with loose-fitted pants that looked to be made out of silk material. Jackson has sported numerous hairstyles over the years and was seen rocking long dark dreads.

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