Kindly Myers Showcases Curvy Booty In Racy Black Lingerie: ‘Looking Out The Window’

Instagram model Kindly Myers poses for a selfie.

Kindly Myers caught the attention of many of her 2.3 million-plus Instagram followers on Wednesday morning when she shared a photo that featured her rocking a skimpy bra-and-panties combo.

In the new snap, Kindly was photographed in what appeared to be her hotel room, standing in front of a window with the blinds wide open and a set of white curtains positioned on each side. A vase with some white flowers was visible in the background. The model was scantily clad for the photo op, wearing a lacy black bra that seemed to have some semi-sheer elements. This gave viewers a good look at her toned arms and midsection as she looked outside with a happy expression on her face.

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