Lindsey Vonn Caps Off Week Of Record-Setting Workouts With A Face Detox: ‘I’m Glowing, Guys’

Lindsey Vonn poses on the red carpet.

Lindsey Vonn hit the gym every day this week, and on the weekend she took time to engage in some self-care with a massage and face detox that left her “glowing.”

The former U.S. Olympic athlete shared a number of workout clips over the past several days, and on Saturday posted a short video in her Instagram stories bragging that she set a new personal post-skiing career record by working out every day of the week. Vonn was riding a stationary bike and out of breath as she shared the news with followers, saying that she was pretty psyched with the accomplishment but tired from all the hard work.

In the next video, a much more relaxed-looking Vonn was emerging from a Hollywood spa where she had gotten a face detox and a massage detox.

“I’m glowing guys,” she said, adding that she feels “like a million bucks” after the treatments.

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