Lucia Javorcekova Wears A Semi-Sheer Lace Bodysuit While In A Tropical Cabana: ‘Perfect’

Lucia Javorcekova takes a selfie.

Social media star Lucia Javorcekova stunned her 1.9 million Instagram followers after modeling a revealing bodysuit in a sultry new video.

The shade of the bodysuit was a soft white color which complemented Lucia’s sun-kissed skin while adding to the relaxed and bohemian neutral palette of the setting. The material of the garment was a lingerie-inspired lace print and was closely tailored to her figure so that her curves were on full display. The fabric was also semi-sheer, exposing even more of the model’s skin underneath.

The top of the bodysuit featured a high mockneck silhouette that gave the misleading impression of modesty. In addition, the garment had long sleeves that again tried to give an illusion of chastity, despite the see-through fabric.

However, the bottom unabashedly had a much skimpier cut and sported a thong cut in the back. In the front, high sides slits extended up to nearly Lucia’s midriff, showing off her hips and accentuating her hourglass figure.

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