Mandy Rose Tugs Gray Leggings While Showing Off Her Gains

WWE wrestler Mandy Rose.

Mandy Rose thrilled her 2.7 million Instagram followers with a sexy series of shots of herself showcasing her recent gains in a cute workout outfit.

The WWE wrestler posed in front of a tan wall wearing a heathered gray sports bra with a v-neck. The support garment showed off her ample cleavage and muscular arms. She paired it with solid gray workout leggings, which she tugged down with one hand, revealing her flat tummy and nipped-in waist.

In the first photo, Mandy held her phone for the old-school selfie with her fingers wrapped around a popped out device on the back of her device’s case. She wore a black mask with a Nike logo printed in white on one side. She also had a phone cord-style hair tie around one wrist. The wrestler sore her shoulder-length blond hair straight, and it fell from a side part, framing one side of her face.

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