Niece Waidhofer Shows Off Hourglass Figure In Insta-Buy Corset: ‘Looks Like I Won’t Be Able To Breathe’

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie

Instagram model and cosplay sensation Niece Waidhofer has teased her 2.4 million followers once again with a scantily clad image. The update, which went live on Tuesday, December 22, showed the celebrity rocking an incredibly tight corset.

In the caption, Niece revealed that the item of clothing was pretty much an insta-buy as soon as she realized it was so formfitting that she wouldn’t be able to breathe properly while wearing it. According to the Instagram sensation, she then added it directly to her shopping cart in order to buy it on the spot.

The stunning corset was a black satin number that clipped up down the front. It also included boning over the top of nude-colored panels at the sides of the lingerie and plunged down so low that plenty of her ample cleavage was on display.

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