Patrick Dempsey May Have Actually Revealed His Bombshell ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoiler On Instagram Months Ago

Patrick Dempsey poses at an event.

Patrick Dempsey may have already given fans a heads up about the bombshell in the final seconds of the Season 17 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

[Warning: There are some major spoilers ahead for the November 12 episode of Grey’s Anatomy.]

The season debut episode of the popular ABC drama left fans shocked when Dempsey’s beloved character, Derek Shepherd, returned in the closing seconds to appear to Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey in a dream sequence that took place on a beach. As Deadline noted, the scene took place just after Meredith collapsed in the hospital parking lot, and she then had a vision of the doctor who was killed off back in 2015.

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