Russian Model Polina Malinovskaya Toys With Her Wraparound Bikini In Mexico: ‘Wasn’t Born To Please You’

Polina Malinovskaya snaps a selfie.

Instagram sensation Polina Malinovskaya took to her social media account on Monday afternoon with a trio of snaps that started the week off splendidly for her 2.1 million followers. The stunning blonde wore a skimpy white bathing suit that showcased her deep, bronzed tan and taunted fans with a saucy comment in the caption.

Polina’s simple bikini was embellished with strategically-placed gold rings and a series of decorative straps with beaded, fringed ends that lent additional visual appeal to the garments. The triangle cups were connected with one of the rings at the center of her chest, to which a pair of long strings were also attached. These pieces wrapped diagonally around the outsides of her rib cage, crossing one another in the back, and then tied a large bow just above her navel.

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