Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Some Skin In Christmas Attire For Racy ‘Mean Girls’ Tribute

Vanessa Hudgens poses on the red carpet.

Vanessa Hudgens is getting into the holiday spirit by recalling an iconic scene from the movie Mean Girls.

The actress and a group of friends dressed in some racy Christmas attire to pay tribute to a scene in the 2004 comedy in which Lindsay Lohan and pals dance to the song “Jingle Bell Rock” for a school talent show. Hudgens wore a tiny red dress with white fur trim and a Santa Claus hat, which was paired with what appeared to be knee-length leather boots. She shot a sultry look toward the camera as she posed with three of her pals, who were dressed in matching outfits. One of those joining her was friend GG Magree, who makes some regular appearances on Hudgens’ social media.

The post was a hit with her nearly 40 million followers, racking up more than 100,000 likes in less than an hour. Many were impressed with the revealing tribute and her reference to the now cult-classic film.

“The naughtiest elves,” one person wrote.

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