WWE Beauty Carmella Drinks Starbucks From Her Cleavage In Latest Instagram Video

Carmella makes her way to the ring

WWE superstar Carmella has shown her 2.7 million Instagram followers how to muti-task while looking stunning in the process. The Friday Night SmackDown took to the social media platform on Tuesday, November 17, and shared a GIF of herself drinking Starbucks from her cleavage.

In the upload, Carmella sat on a cream-colored sofa, chilling underneath a duvet, with a cup tucked between her chest area. She drank her beverage through a straw while checking her phone.

Carmella’s dog sat beside her on the couch, sniffing a gray fabric while she played on her technological device. The pair of them appeared to be enjoying their time at home.

The WWE superstar rocked a black bathing suit and kept her hair in a bun. She wore a bracelet on her left wrist to top off her simple choice of attire on the day.

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