WWE News: Superstar Opens Up About Being ‘Held Hostage’ In Saudi Arabia Following ‘Crown Jewel’ 2019

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As documented by Babyface vs. Heel, an unnamed WWE superstar opened up about the alleged “hostage situation” that took place after 2019’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

As the article noted, the charter flight that was supposed to fly the WWE performers back to the United States after the show was delayed by several hours.

The company stated that the flight was held up due to mechanical difficulties, but Babyface vs. Heel‘s source stated that wasn’t the case at all.

According to the wrestler, the performers were told that the delay was due to the plane needing to be refueled. They were told that the person who was responsible for filling the tank couldn’t be found at the time, which is why they had to wait.

However, as more time passed, the passengers realized something wasn’t right. The pilot subsequently confirmed their suspicions, revealing that he’d been ordered not to take off and the situation was beyond his control.

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